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  • Eight free Champions await you in the new PS Plus Pack for Paladins, celebrating the launch of the fantasy shooter'… https://t.co/HTYefzd5Lw 16/Jan/2019 12:41:04
  • RT @railsimulator: OUT NOW: ▪️Step into the 1980s with Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester – Leeds, which is available now for Train Sim Wo… 16/Jan/2019 09:31:58
  • Learn more about the captivating music of #PSVR sci-fi game Eden-Tomorrow in a new behind-the-scenes video:… https://t.co/vH54dq9TBc 16/Jan/2019 08:14:04
  • It's official! Rocket League has joined the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program: https://t.co/L52228ZoF3 https://t.co/W33YJquQ9j 15/Jan/2019 19:40:06
  • Learn how #PSVR adventure Eden-Tomorrow started as a sci-fi movie idea about an out-of-control AI, then play the fr… https://t.co/IyHueXpoN8 15/Jan/2019 17:55:04
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