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  • Pull out your Aim Controller for a colorful new mission – ChromaGun is coming exclusively to #PSVR next week:… https://t.co/Pg49yEgnYq 17/Feb/2019 19:48:04
  • Want to learn more about #MK11? Get over here: https://t.co/vQwRhHWnYT https://t.co/9o9xyqzWvp 17/Feb/2019 16:19:26
  • Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! brings never-ending dungeons to PS4 on 20th March. Preorder on PS Store to g… https://t.co/nBfKJf5pSq 17/Feb/2019 15:09:04
  • Excited for Dragon Quest Builders 2? The RPG adventure finally has a release date in the West - 12th July. See the… https://t.co/XM3tQjZi81 17/Feb/2019 14:41:04
  • High-speed zero-gravity multiplayer shooter Space Junkies has a release date - it comes to #PSVR on 26th March. Se… https://t.co/zihKuoDWv2 17/Feb/2019 12:41:10
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