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  • Hack-and-slash adventure Dragon Quest Heroes returns to PS4 - play with 4 friends in co-op: https://t.co/btqw1UWYWW https://t.co/4WCYXbtaHc 08/Dec/2016 20:47:05
  • Before #TheLastGuardian launches tomorrow in UK & Ireland, we spoke to Trico's real life owners about raising a cat… https://t.co/vBXQU64wT1 08/Dec/2016 20:10:05
  • Increased level cap and festive outfits headline today’s new @TTCGame update: https://t.co/5ST1NGIClk https://t.co/CpxX6824YT 08/Dec/2016 19:45:04
  • Space sim @EliteDangerous soars onto #PS4 in 2017. @frontierdev @DavidBraben talks the adventure to come:… https://t.co/g5Hzi5OCKy 08/Dec/2016 18:34:05
  • PSA, farming fans: Hit “country life” RPG Stardew Valley arrives on PS4 next week, from @ConcernedApe:… https://t.co/3afnvTbva0 08/Dec/2016 18:15:12
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