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  • PlayStation Store’s #BlackFriday discounts start today, with early access for PS Plus members! Save up to 60% on GT… https://t.co/frwd7eQ0uk 21/Nov/2017 01:01:06
  • All the details from the recently revealed Valkyria Chronicles 4, coming to PS4 in 2018: https://t.co/RjQdofzFZJ https://t.co/QxlYLKhIx0 20/Nov/2017 19:45:06
  • RT @ElderScrolls: With #SkyrimVR you become the Dragonborn. See Skyrim like never before on #PSVR. Available now! https://t.co/QXJtaAjHxO 20/Nov/2017 17:44:19
  • Host a quiz and test your general knowledge skills against your mates. Knowledge is Power joins the #PlayLink rang… https://t.co/IzfVrMatVi 20/Nov/2017 16:49:19
  • #Destiny 2 creator @Bungie reveal the design secrets behind Osiris, The Infinite Forest and more ahead of the relea… https://t.co/FgTqeUEGsl 20/Nov/2017 16:06:40
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