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  • No plans this weekend? Now you do. The @DestinytheGame beta is now available. Time to rise, guardians:… https://t.co/A2gPnMJGAR 21/Jul/2017 17:52:03
  • Don’t take shelter. Make it. Fortnite is here, with PS4-exclusive heroes. A few tips to get started:… https://t.co/2fgJVnRUV6 21/Jul/2017 14:26:43
  • Craving a new adventure for this weekend? Find it in the PlayStation Store Summer Sale: https://t.co/xUKWvKa0ui https://t.co/AVUqbR6wGX 21/Jul/2017 13:32:09
  • RT @EASPORTSFIFA: New ways to find the man with #FIFA18 Crossing Control. https://t.co/sonGgnjMzh 21/Jul/2017 13:24:18
  • RT @InsertCoinTees: GREATNESS AWAITS WITH OUR NEW PS HOODIES! Grab our official @PlayStation designs while stocks last, exclusively at htt… 21/Jul/2017 12:06:05
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